Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service

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You love you bike. You can't live without it.

It needs the care that it deserves. Do carry your maintenance service at least once a year.

At only $68, we will service your bike. The package includes:

Index Gears and Ensure Smooth Shifting.
Check and align Derailleur(s).

Check Alignment, Lever Operation and Pad Wear.
Clean Brake Discs.

Check Chain for Wear and Appropriate Length.

Headset and Hubs:
Check and adjust Headset and Hubs

Bottom Bracket:
Check and Tighten Bottom Bracket and Pedals

Check and Tighten bolts as necessary.

Tyres and Tubes:
Check Tyres Condition.
Inflate Tyres to Optimum Air Pressure.

Drivetrain: Add $30:
Degrease, Clean and Lubricate Chain, Chainring and Cassette