3SIXTY | 3/6 Speed | Standard/Customised

3SIXTY | 3/6 Speed | Standard/Customised

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Trifold, 16” Wheels – Standard 3x2, Customised 3x2, 3 External, 6 External

We are passionate about Foldable Bikes and bring best foldable bikes in Town to our customers. We continue to challenge industry standards and also bring improved customised bikes.


3Sixty Standard comes with following specifications

  • HT Chromoly Steel Frame
  • Aluminium Handle Bar
  • Adjustable Aluminium Seat Post
  • 6 Speed (2 Internal x 3 External)
  • 48T Crank with Chain Guard
  • 16 inch Double Wall Alloy Rims with 16 inch Tyres
  • Foldable Pedals
  • Fenders
  • Rear Rack with Easy Wheels
  • Front Block for Storage Bag

Weight: Approx 12.7 Kg

 Available Colors:

  • Tiffany Green Dual Color
  • Chameleon Blue 


Exclusively customised by Factory for Thornton. The Bikes comes with:

Hollowtech Crankset

Light weight integrated light Hollowtech Crankset replaces outdated heavy square-tapered crankset. It not only makes the bike light, but is also easier to maintain and is easy on legs.

Longer Stem with Y Handle Bar

It comes with 340mm Long Stem, 70mm longer than normal Stem. Longer Stem with Y Bar, keeps the same handle bar height but gives better navigation control. Longer Stam also gives the option to install M Handle Bar increasing total height and is particularly helpful for taller rider or more upright relaxed position.

Available Models and Colors:

3Sixty Customised 3x2 Speed (Approx 12.0 Kg)

  • Gloss Black
  • Post Green
  • Sky Blue

3Sixty Customised 3 Speed External (Approx 11.0 Kg)

  • Matte Navy Blue
  • Post Green
  • Bianchi

 3Sixty Customised 6 Speed External (Approx 11.0 Kg)

  • Matte Black
  • Matte Navy Blue
  • Post Green
  • Bianchi*
  • Pink*
  • Water Blue*
  • Champaign Silver*

* Arrival end Jan 2024

Disclaimer: We keep replenishing our stocks. There might be small variations in actual stocks. Bikes shown in pictures are reference only and the colors may differ.

 Warranty and Service

The Bike comes with One year Comprehensive warranty against manufacturing defects

You also get two free services in the first year.

Ready for Road

The Bike comes as ready stock - Assembled, Tuned and Tested at our Service Centre in Singapore, ready to hit the road straight away.


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