Kimberlly Siow | Google Review | 5.0*****

8 July 2024 | Two weeks ago, I bought my first foldable bike from Thornton in Queensway Shopping Center, and I'm thrilled with the experience! As a foldie newbie, I had limited knowledge, but the staff and owner were incredibly helpful, patient, and knowledgeable. They guided me in finding the perfect foldie to suit my needs, and their expertise was impressive.

The store offered an impressive selection of foldies in various styles and sizes, and the prices were competitive. The quality of the bikes was exceptional, and the customer service truly stood out. The team took the time to understand my preferences and riding style, offering spot-on recommendations and valuable advice on maintenance and accessories. In the end I choose the Thornton Seira and it weight only 8kg 😍

I'm thoroughly enjoying my new foldie, and I highly recommend Thornton for their exceptional service, expertise, and top-quality bikes!